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03/21 Edition

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03/21 Edition

Post by Golden Rose on Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:15 pm

The following are rumors you can use in your roleplay, you can use them or ignore them but they are there! To submit rumors yourself about other characters or even your own drop a notecard into the Raven at the landing zone!!


It seems the king keeps wandering off without his guards, a number of times he has been reported missing. Did the people choose wisely in their king?

The Lord of Tides has arrived in the capital but has barely left his ship, does the snooty Velaryon think he's too good for the other nobles?

A young lady was seen having supper with the king! Could the gentle giant be choosing his wife?

The Swan was seen in the gardens drinking, perhaps she should lay off the wine...

A petite white haired boy has been seen around the keep, who is he and why is he there?

The guard captain seems to be walking with a limp, did his fellow guards take training a bit too far? Is he able to carry out his duties?

The princess has been seen making arrangements for some special events to honor her brother, word of a ball with a twist are being whispered among the servants.

The brothel is under new management, it's said the Heir to Runestone took over the pillowhouse and has even started bringing in men to work for him.

Lady Greyjoy was seen dragging a well dressed man onto her ship, perhaps the lonely nights are getting to her.

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